Welcome to Serenity Forge

Creating interactive experiences that challenge the way you think.

Games driven by meaning and value

We are a video game development studio comprised of passionate developers who seek to create meaningful experiences through our games and services.

With every game, we want you to experience something special: Live through a near-death experience in Loving Life. Empower yourself to find freedom in The King’s Bird. Share stories about the American Dream in Where the Water Tastes Like Wine. Discover your own twisted subconscious in Once Upon a Coma


We also love to team up with other developers to co-develop their amazing games. Our versatile art, design, and programming teams allow us to excel at all aspects of game development. See collaborations and publishing sections on our games page!

2016 | PS4 and PC
2016 | PS4 and PC
The King’s Bird Banner
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

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