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About Us

Serenity Forge, based in Colorado, U.S., aims to bring value to your life by creating meaningful interactive experiences that challenge the way you think. We pride ourselves in the care and dedication we put into our work, whether that be our own IPs or those of our collaborators. 


Video games can be so much more than just games. We believe that they can become a vital part of art, culture, and education. Ultimately, we are in the business of improving people’s lives.


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The Team 

Zhenghua Yang (Z)

President and CEO, Executive Producer

Zhenghua Yang, or Z, seeks to create meaningful experiences through video games. Z fully realized his passion when he quit his brief stint at the Federal Reserve in order to found Serenity Forge. His first published video game, Loving Life, is an autobiographical visual novel of his near-death experience due to a rare life-threatening illness.

Favorite Games: Uncharted Waters, Bastion, Fire Emblem Series

Kersti Kodas

Art Director, Technical Artist

Wielding a double degree in Video Game Design and Visual Effects, Kersti breathes life into the aesthetic of her projects. She specializes in Unity development for 3D environments and design with Autodesk Maya. She likes sharks, bandannas, and cheese. 

Favorite Games: Psychonauts, FTL: Faster Than Light, Myst

Kevin Zhang

Marketing Director, Producer, Business Development

Kevin wants to use video games to make people experience empathy, optimism, and self-reflection. Having experienced how video games can truly change someone’s life first-hand, Kevin facilitates the growth of Serenity Forge through his focus on marketing, business development, and production. 

Favorite Games: Journey, Undertale, God of War Trilogy

Andrew Wilson

Software Developer

Andrew is strongly drawn to connections that develop through playing video games together. In addition to being a core developer at Serenity Forge, Andrew also serves the important role of creating in-house memes. 

Favorite Games: Gears of War Trilogy, World of Warcraft, Dark Souls

Boan (Dian) Ding

Software Developer, Effects Engineer, Animator

Dian’s strong design intuition is often executed through his firm grasp of mathematics-based programming. He possesses a strong passion for animation, effects, and storytelling. 

Favorite Games: Dustforce, Jet Set Radio Future, Terraria


UX Designer, Software Developer

Erik has always been fascinated by digging into games and finding what makes them tick. Since the age of 11, it has been his passion to find the little details that make games magical, and refining them in his own projects. Erik is also a competitive gamer and avid pool player.

Favorite Games: Lethal League, Cave Story, Bioshock Franchise

Software Developer, Technical Producer

Andy has a long history of working with computers and recently rediscovered his passion for creating games. He is driven to make the world a better place and hopes that making positive game experiences is at least a small step towards achieving that goal.

Favorite Games: Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Associate Producer

Mattie has a long history of working in the game industry from a journalism angle. She is a passionate writer and producer for meaningful games that change the world, bits at a time.

Favorite Games: To the Moon, Overwatch, Zero Escape.

Concept/Scenario Designer and Digital Artist

With a driving passion for creating inspiring stories, Caleb has devoted much of his time learning the art of designing compelling characters and crafting exciting narratives. At Serenity Forge Caleb serves as a core art team member. In his spare time, he is pursuing to be an accomplished mangaka, a creator of manga.

Favorite Games: Persona 4, Tales of Vesperia, Valkyria Chronicles

Video Policy

We encourage our fans to make videos using Serenity Forge game content, such as playthrough or instruction videos. We are fine with publishing these videos to your website or YouTube or similar video sharing services.

You are free to monetize your videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites.