A lunar expedition takes a mysterious turn

Lifeless Moon

Lifeless Moon is an action adventure game with light platforming elements and a focus on puzzle-solving about two astronauts that discover a familiar town while on a mission to the Moon.


August 10, 2023

Developed By

Lifeless Worlds Studio

Published By

Serenity Forge

What secrets will be unearthed on the Moon?

You cannot fathom what will come next in Lifeless Moon. Reality itself unravels as the mysteries unfold, adding chaos to an already monumental mission. After stumbling upon a town on the Moon that is eerily similar to one back on Earth, you are thrown into the middle of a much larger conspiracy. Venture through strange environments as you collect clues and decipher puzzles. The town is only the beginning of an unforgettable adventure across time and space.

A sandy boardwalk, a cabin in the woods, and an ominous floating city in the sky are just a few of the peculiar stops along the way. Your surroundings may appear familiar, but nothing is as it seems. Reveal the truth behind these unique locations through environmental puzzle-solving and platforming . Gather documents and information in your journal during your lunar travels and piece together the origin of the many strange phenomena you encounter.

You've uncovered a cryptic mystery on the Moon. Confront a strange phenomenon, tap into its extraordinary powers, and overcome psychological challenges to reveal the truth.

Explore Strange Locations

Venture through many peculiar environments during your journey.

Gather Clues

Store information and clues in your journal in order to solve puzzles.

Uncover Secrets

Explore the world thoroughly to discover the truth.

Unravel the Mystery

Unfold layers of mystery with each action you take.