A whimsical dating site set in turbulent times

Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing

When a pandemic puts the lockdown on a blooming relationship, will the new couple keep the romance alive, or will distance pull them apart?


February 14th 2021

Developed By

Serenity Forge

Published By

Way Down Deep

About Half Past Fate: Romantic Distancing

Finding true love is hard enough when it’s in person! Build a relationship through the screen as a couple copes with lockdown life by staying connected online! Will their love be loud and clear, or will their signals fade away? Follow Robin and Stephen's story, making meaningful choices along the way as you guide them through a digital romance in this standalone mini-sode.

Game Features

  • Learn to love from afar through the charismatic 2.5D pixel-art style of Half Past Fate
  • Enjoy a charming and honest slice-of-life story set in all-too-familiar circumstances
  • Play from both sides of the new relationship and see how each of your lives have changed
  • Judge (or admire) each other’s home decor, peculiar roommates, and musical tastes
  • Explore in endearing detail the intimate environs of each other’s quarantined lives
  • Maybe figure out what the heck “defragging” does