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Serenity Forge is looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our team. If you believe that video games can become as respected and widely accepted as other forms of mainstream entertainment, you might be just who we’re looking for.

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Why work with us?

We are a long-term driven studio that’s always on the lookout for new opportunities in original IP development, co-development, client work, and publishing. We want our team to always be excited not only for the current project they’re working on, but even more excited for the next project down the line.

Take a look at some of the perks and benefits we offer to full-time employees below!

Close-knit Team

A close sense of comradery and dedication to our work.

Long-term Mindset

Always on the lookout for the next project that will keep our teams motivated, challenged, and inspired.

Health & Dental Insurance

Comprehensive medical plans including dental coverage for you to choose from based on your needs.

Generous PTO and Performance-driven Rewards

Whether you’re an efficient worker who values work-life balance or an extremely hard worker who gives 110%, we value and reward a wide range of employees.

Generous Holidays

Extended company holiday breaks.

Career Advancement

A growing studio with potential opportunities to greatly advance your technical, creative, or leadership roles.

Art Director

Boulder, CO

We are looking for an Art Director to oversee the stylistic and asset production needs for a new game development project. Under the supervision of the project director and in collaboration with the other component leads, you will shepherd the art and animation team to create striking visual assets for an immersive 3D game.

Role Responsibilities

  • Craft a unique visual language and artistic pipeline in concert with the vision of the project director
  • Supervise a team of roughly 10 people of multiple disciplines within the spectrum of art and animation asset production
  • Review artistic work product to ensure it conforms to the highest standards and a cohesive artistic vision
  • Work with your art and animation staff to ensure development deadlines are met
  • Work with the producer and the other component leads to set milestone goals and coordinate an efficient production pipeline

Your Qualifications

  • Proven experience with Unity on a commercially shipped game
  • Proven experience with current 2D and 3D software used in asset development pipelines such as Maya, Photoshop, Substance, and Zbrush (or equivalents)
  • Understanding of game art production pipelines
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum processes, and assigning/distributing tasks to a team
  • Ability to adapt stylistic preferences to the specific needs of a project
  • Ability to understand and integrate business objectives and philosophies and synthesize them into the game’s artistic vision
  • Experience with art direction on a 3D game
  • Experience managing a team of 5+ people

Bonus Skills & Experience

  • Experience with Jira, Confluence, Sourcetree
  • Experience dealing with contractors and contracting studios
  • Passion for games and the video games industry
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Game Designer

Remote or In-Office

We are looking for a Game Designer to perform various design tasks for an ongoing 3D game development project. Under the supervision of a design lead and in collaboration with the design team, you will work in Unity to integrate the design of the game.

Role Responsibilities

  • Generate ideas for features that contribute to the overall vision of the game
  • Work in Unity to test and integrate designs using custom tools engineered for the game, including level design and balancing of skill and crafting trees
  • Work with engineers and artists to effectively implement designs into the gameplay flow

Your Qualifications

  • Can demonstrate intuition for what design aspects or constraints are required for a specific game genre
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills to adapt those intuitions to development constraints
  • Demonstrable proficiency with Unity and its tools
  • Can take a high level prompt for a desired feature, and create options for more specific designs that can be directly implemented by the engineering team
  • Can design, iterate on, and balance game systems
  • Has worked on a commercially shipped game

Bonus Skills & Experience

  • Experience with scripting/programming in Unity with C#
  • Experience with 3D level design
  • Artistic skill in concept/environmental art, architectural/interior design, industrial design, or UI/UX
  • Passion for games and the video games industry
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Technical Artist

Remote or In-Office

We are looking for a Technical Artist to create effects, shaders, and other technical art for an upcoming 3d game project.

Role Responsibilities

  • Proactively communicate with members of the team to improve the quality of visual effects
  • Coordinate with engineers to integrate tech art into the game's functionality
  • Create shaders, effects, and procedural tools to facilitate various unique visual styles
  • Develop spec appropriate and optimized work
  • Perform R&D for any new technology needed for solving various technical challenges

Your Qualifications

  • Knowledge of both aesthetic and technical aspects of game art
  • Experience in technical art on a team project
  • Understanding of 3D asset workflows and optimization
  • Experience with node graphs, VFX graphs, and particle systems
  • Experience in Unity and C#
  • Ability to effectively communicate ideas and needs

Bonus Skills & Experience

  • Additional 3D art experiences such as modeling, rigging, and lighting
  • Additional programming experiences that would facilitate production and integration of technical art and related tools
  • Experience in shader programming (HLSL or GLSL)
  • Experience in Unreal and C++
  • Experience with procedural art tools like Houdini
  • Passion for games and the video game industry
  • Shipped a commercially developed game
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3D Artist

Remote or In-Office

We are looking for a 3D generalist to join our art team to contribute assets towards our upcoming 3D game projects.

Role Responsibilities

  • Model, sculpt, and rig assets in accordance with the art direction of the game
  • Work with other artists to solve problems in the art direction, pipeline, and development process
  • Create assets of consistent quality within set deadlines and schedules

Your Qualifications

  • Experience in Blender and/or Maya (Maya strongly preferred)
  • Experience in creating props, foliage, and environmental 3D assets
  • Experience in Unity
  • Experience working on a video game project with a team
  • Ability to effectively communicate ideas and needs

Bonus Skills & Experience

  • Strong skills in organic environment/creature/character modeling
  • Skills in animation and rigging
  • Experience and willingness to help with textures and materials
  • Passion for games and the video game industry
  • Shipped a commercially developed game
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