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Steam Release: May 15th, 2015. March 25, 2014 non-Steam release

PC / Mac
Steam (May 15th, 2015)


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Control the powers of the universe. Explore your curiosity of space! Luna’s Wandering Stars is our love-letter to space; for the existential wonder it creates and the assertion that physics is beautiful. Luna is an action-puzzle game that centers around controlling real Newtonian physics and various ways to manipulate the universe. Change the strength of gravity; use rockets to thread your way through asteroid belts; or even bend the fabric of space with wormholes and black holes! Featuring nine unique physics powers, and online level creation and sharing, a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack, and a viciously self-aware narrator.


Luna's Wandering Stars is the first commercial game by Serenity Forge. The game was created with the idea that space physics can be fun and exciting. Starting from a solid foundation of gravity and mass, Serenity Forge created nine unique powers to manipulate moons in all kinds of distinct scenarios. Serenity Forge also wanted to encourage as many people as possible to learn how to intuitively understand gravity, so the game features a level creator and online level sharing capabilities.


  • Real Newtonian physics.
  • Nine unique powers aross nine planets.
  • A snarky, mysterious self-aware narrator.
  • Levels designed to take advange of a game where gravity and mass matters.
  • Level creation and online sharing.
  • Challenge levels that truly test your skills (coming soon).


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Selected Articles

  • "What is probably most enticing is the promise that each set of levels features a unique gameplay addition or tweak that makes it feel different from the other sets."
    - Darren Nakamura, Destructoid
  • "There's something to be said about a game that challenges you intellectually while at the same time letting the stress of daily life just roll off your back. There's no stress here, just relaxing fun. Don't misinterpret what I'm saying as to suggest that that the game is a cakewalk. That's not the case at all. While the puzzles might be easy to quickly solve on occassion, mastering each level by collecting all of the 'golden' asteroids [sic] The puzzles are varied and interesting, and provide players with fun challnages [sic]. Furthermore, each planet appears to bring a new gameplay mechanic to the table, which is awesome. With its melodic soundtrack and beautiful graphics, Luna's Wandering Stars definitely lures you into it's puzzles."
    - Alex Coccia, Greenlit Gaming
  • "The universe is infinitely more complex than we take it to be and this is genuinely reflected in the variety of puzzles that the developers throw in our direction. [...] I'm impressed by Luna's rich lineup of satisfyingly realistic and natural physics and its approach to simple but polished visuals."
    - Bart Van der Geest, Pixels for Breakfast
  • "Following the nerd community standard of taking something incredibly complicated and boiling it down to something both fun and easy to use."
    - Robert Rappoport, The Indie Game Magazine
  • "Part of its popularity may be due to its built-in level editor and online sharing, features that are always welcome and help grow a community around a game."
    - muntdefems, GamingOnLinux
  • "One of those puzzle games that looks simple at a first look, but exponentially grows in depth the more you play, perfect for the casual player or the hardcore gamer."
    - Justin Arnott, Slimgamer
  • "Have you ever wanted to bend the fabric of space with wormholes? If so, Luna's Wandering Stars just might be the game for you!"
    - Crystal Baltimore, Operation Rainfall

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About Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge's mission is to create meaningful, value-driven games that challenge the way you think. We believe that video games can become a vital part of art, culture, and education. Ultimately, we are in the business of improving people's lives.

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Luna's Wandering Stars Credits

Zhenghua Yang
Producer, Design, 2D Artist

Takumi McAllister
Programmer, Design, UI Design

David Forman
Lead Design, Level Design, Composer

Kevin Zhang
Lead Marketing, Design, Producer

Toby Lurio

Boan (Dian) Ding
Effects Artist

Andrew Wilson
Level Design

Kersti Kodas
UI, Tutorials

Kyle Smyers

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