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An interactive experience that utilizes gameplay and level progression to present the internal narrative of an individual who lost someone important. All gameplay, no dialouge. More information to come.


Inspired by personal tragedy and a desire to create value in games, Beyond Regret is the second commercial game created by Serenity Forge. What started off as an idea for a short three-month long project has turned into a full-fledged game, with the intention of creating a narrative experience through nothing but gameplay progression. In short, the game's main goal is to express the grief and sorrow of living with regret through a unique exprience that only video games can provide.


  • Details to come.


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About Serenity Forge

Serenity Forge's mission is to create meaningful, value-driven games that challenge the way you think. We believe that video games can become a vital part of art, culture, and education. Ultimately, we are in the business of improving people's lives.

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Beyond Regret (working title) Credits

Zhenghua (Z) Yang
Founder and CEO, Serenity Forge

Boan (Dian) Ding
Lead Programmer, Designer, Animator, Effects Artist

Chris Loge
Art Contributor

Kevin Zhang, Takumi McAllister
Contributors, Collaborators

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