Release Date: March 25, 2014 (March 2015 on STEAM)

Available on: Windows, Mac     

Other Platforms TBA  

Press Information

Control the powers of the universe.

Luna’s Wandering Stars is our love-letter to space; for the assertion that physics is beautiful. Luna is an action-puzzle game that centers around playing with real Newtonian physics to manipulate the universe.

Featuring the following powers:

• Control orbits • Boost with rockets
• Change gravity on-the-fly • Move planets anywhere
• Lasers • Redirect trajectories
• Modify density • Teleport with wormholes
• Create black holes

The universe is infinitely more complex than we take it to be and this is genuinely reflected in the variety of puzzles that the developers throw in our direction.

There’s something to be said about a game that challenges you intellectually while at the same time letting the stress of daily life just roll off you back…

What is probably most enticing is the promise that each set of levels features a unique gameplay addition or tweak that makes it feel different from the other sets.

Serenity Forge was trying to create a game which is fun in and of itself, but which also includes tangential learning about Newtonian physics. I believe they’ve succeeded.

Luna's Wandering Stars Steam

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