Four Sided Fantasy

Four Sided Fantasy is a game about pushing the limits of the screen.

In this world, you can wrap the screen at any time, so that you emerge from the left when exiting right, and falling down a pit turns into falling from the ceiling. Discover a strange world where a man and woman journey through four seasons in a year, constantly separated by the boundaries of the screen.

Out now on Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One!

– Examples of Screen Wrap Puzzles –

Create non-existing floors.
Turn pits into ceilings.
Wrap to new layers.
Trick the camera.
Ludo Land

About the Developer: Ludo Land is a game development studio headed by Logan Fieth, who worked on the IGF-nominated game Perspective, as well as the Independent Game Challenge finalist game, The Fourth Wall.

Four Sided Fantasy Boy
Four Sided Fantasy Girl