2016 Serenity Forge Game Jam Winners:

Choice Award


Homecoming by @LeanneCTaylor

Honorable Mentions: NDM2YzU1NDI2ODRmNzU3MzQ1.exe, Healing Words, Asteroid Words, Firefly, Water Mercenary.

Jury Award

174448-crop0_88_933_612-jpujbfsk (1)

Enthymema by @AlaynaMCole

Honorable Mentions: Near AWAYNDM2YzU1NDI2ODRmNzU3MzQ1.exe, Pax Hortus, Healing Words, Undrifted.

Audience Awards


It’s Okay by akanyegudran

174600-crop0_0_1800_1012-gzqgksve (1)

Moments by @David_Jagneaux and @yaaarkz

Honorable Mentions: Homecoming, Enthymema, Water Mercenary, Buy Cereal.

Take This Award for Mental Health

174294-crop0_16_831_484-xywnyged (1)

Near AWAY by @Ludipe and @ngelLuisSucasas

Honorable Mention: Build Your Fear

Each award winner will receive the following prizes:

  • Official Serenity Forge Game Jam 2016 Award Ceritificate
  • Take This Hoodie
  • Take This Pin
  • Take This Box of Hope
  • XSplit License per Team Member

Thank you again for participating in the 2016 Serenity Forge Game Jam. Follow us on Twitter @SerenityForge and be on the lookout for #SFGJ news and updates!

Check out the participating games!

Welcome to the annual Serenity Forge Game Jam! We believe that video games can become a vital part of art, culture, and education. From August 5th to August 7th 2016 we had over 100 game developers from around the world creating 32 games that promote one or more of the following topics:

  • Inspire Art
  • Foster Education
  • Promote Health
  • Advance Scientific Research
  • Improve Business Operations
  • Take Stance in Social Impact

With Support From:

Take This
IGDA Serious Games SIG

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use engines/tech we've already made as long as the content of the game is still only developed during the jam?

Yes! You’re free to use anything you need to make the game happen, given that it’s legal and ethical. The purpose of the jam is to inspire developers to create meaningful games, not necessarily having to force developers to create tools from the ground up.

I'm not really a programmer, can I use Twine, RPG Maker, or GameMaker? (And any other non-coding intensive engines)

Yes absolutely! We are here in the spirit of creating meaningful interactive experiences. Perfect time to pick up new tools too, especially Twine if you are a writer who isn’t working with a team.

What about music and art?

See above answer regarding engines and tech!

Where does this Game Jam take place?

This is a global game jam! We do expect most of the participants to be from the United States since we are a U.S. studio, but we hope to reach out to as many people as possible. Please help us reach out to all your global friends!

Rules and Codes of Conduct.