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Mystic Melee – The Precision Platforming Brawler, Coming to PC/Mac.

Hey, I’m Ben Hopkins, the designer and developer behind Mystic Melee. I can’t wait to show you its frenzied spell-slinging action. For the first time since development, we will be publicly showing the game this weekend at EVO 2016 with the Media Indie Exchange.

Mystic Melee is a game inspired by platform-fighters like Super Smash Brothers and Duck Game, but with extra emphasis on physics in complex arenas. I love games that make you say “WOW!” when you discover how powerful you can be with the right timing and strategy. So I filled Mystic Melee with spells that make you take advantage of your surroundings and reward skill.

You can toss massive boulders, summon a torrent of piercing ice spears, and shred your opponents with whirling leaves. Golems will do your bidding and smash your enemies. Many spells have elemental interactions, like freezing your opponents solid with water and frost spell combos.

Mystic Melee Screenshot Multiplayer

I also really enjoy games with precise platforming challenges, like Super Meat Boy and Dustforce. In Mystic Melee, characters use wall-jumping and sliding to race to objectives and exploit momentum. You’ll combine these moves with dashing and teleporting abilities to confuse enemies and complete insane challenges.

With objective-based multiplayer modes that have you controlling artifacts or scoring on an enemy goal, Mystic Melee rewards mastering both combat and platforming. The game also features a single-player campaign where you can hone your skill with each ability and compete to top the leaderboards.

Mystic Melee Screenshot Singleplayer

I hope that Mystic Melee’s unique blend of momentum platforming and devastating spell battles appeals to you as much as it does to me. I created the game I wanted to play, and it’s been thrilling to see players react when they land a perfect attack to crush their opponent, or get blown to bits by the same. If you’re in Las Vegas this Friday through Saturday, July 25th – 26th, come by the Las Vegas Convention Center and check out the game. I look forward to seeing how you react when playing Mystic Melee at EVO 2016!

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